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Save time and money by using customized AI Assistants at scale to supercharge your business.

AI Assistants can Rescue your Staff

Are your sales and support staff overwhelmed by the high volume of customer requests? Are your response times lagging and service standards declining, leaving some of your customers dissatisfied? What if you could train a "Tier 1" frontline assistant to triage initial customer requests, take care of all basic questions and automatically escalate only the complex requests to qualified staff? This single AI assistant can make a pivotal difference in your workflow, freeing up your staff to focus on the tasks where they're most needed.

Imagine an AI Virtual Assistant custom trained on your business that consistently and reliably accomplishes this, working 24/7 and never getting tired or sick. Its immediate response times and dependable performance consistently produces high customer satisfaction and exceptional ROI for your business.

Use AI Assistants for
Customer Service Sales Assistance Lead Generation Feedback Collection Training Onboarding Product Recommendations

You might start with just one AI Assistant, but may quickly find yourself deploying an entire workforce to tackle many of your business' most tedious and mundane tasks, freeing up you and your team to do more meaningful things. Hit "Get Started" below for a free AI Audit of your business and find out how one or more AI assistants can transform your business to save you time and money.

Discover a Smarter way to get more done

It can be challenging to stay competitive in an increasingly AI-centric world, but now is the time to confidently embrace AI technology and drive transformative growth. Benefitting from AI isn’t just for Enterprise corporations. While tools like ChatGPT are widely accessible to most, a general one-size-fits-all AI chatbot rarely is able to effectively solve business problems. Instead, a solution needs to be laser-focused on making you and your team more productive and ultimately increase your business’ profitability. Discover the ideal AI solutions for your unique needs and seamlessly integrate them into your daily workflows. Hit "Get Started" below for a free AI Audit of your business.

Why choose SmarterChats

We are passionate about our work, staying ahead of the curve to provide effective AI Automation Solutions to make your business stand out.

Results Driven

No cookie cutting here! Every AI Assistant we create is custom designed to solve your specific business challenges and seamlessly fit into the workflows unique to your business. This ensures quick and impactful results to your bottom line.

Privacy Focused

We know your data privacy and security is of utmost importance. The data you share with us is used strictly for training your AI Assistants. Additionally, your data can be self-hosted on your own private servers, stored securely using military-grade encryption.

Dedicated Support 24/7

Customer support is always our number one priority.

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Common Questions and Answers

Each business is unique, so the best place to implement AI agents varies. Start by focusing on areas that are repetitive and requires simple reasoning for the best results.

Prepare for AI self-improvement by developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and measure AI performance.

With the right expertise, it’s easier and faster than most people think! AI can be customized by enhancing their knowledge with business-specific information, integrating them into different channels, or connecting multiple agents to handle complex tasks.

We recommend integrating AI agents with existing systems, educating employees on their use, and automating gradually to minimize errors.

Consider the time to implement a solution and the rate of the employee(s) responsible for the task (their time and salary). Higher employee rates and multiple employees performing the same task increase ROI.

We regularly update AI with new APIs and models as technology advances, and adjust them when internal processes change to maintain effectiveness.

Development costs depend on the complexity of the task. Operational costs come down to AI tokens and servers. Balance costs with potential savings, like freeing up time of your paid employees to do more meaningful things, to justify the investment. Get in touch with us to discuss details.

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